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Pixie Dust Chalk Paint Powder Additive

Pixie Dust Chalk Paint Powder Additive


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Pixie Dust Paint Company offers a Pixie Dust Chalk Mineral Paint Powder that is simple to use and turns any FLAT latex paint into a chalk like paint! We would like to think that it makes everyday paint “magical”.

The chalk/mineral paint business is very competitive these days. However, no matter what brand of paint is your preference, no pre-mix paint company gives you the option to create your own chalk like paint in any one of the hundreds of thousands of colors available at any given time. As the DIY paint markets continue to grow it’s important that we offer a product that is EASY to use, COST effective, and most of all provide MAGICAL results!

Most of our Pixie Dust Paint Powder users are using several products to create outstanding finishes. I like to think of our business like a cookie recipe. The recipe will call for 6-8 ingredients and most likely all are made from different companies and have a different purpose. The world of painting and creating beautiful finishes is no different.

Our paint powder is safe, effective, 100% natural, Made in the U.S.A and most of all it’s affordable. While most chalk/mineral paints are in the $35-40 range per quart, we’re able to cut your costs down to around $15-20 per quart (that’s including the paint) and most of all you get to pick the color of your CHOICE!!! There is nothing worse that having a project to up-cycle, a color in mind, only to have to compromise with one of 20 choices. With Pixie Dust Paint Powder it’s easy it is to make an affordable alternative to high end chalk/mineral like paints.

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